Hello, Fellow Coyotes ​​​
 "W​e, the students of Cuyamaca College, in order to promote intellectual and social growth, personal and academic freedom, student interests and general welfare, and foster a spirit of campus unity, do ordain and establish this constitution and assume the responsibilities of self-governance" .
 The Associated student government of Cuyamaca College (ASGCC) is the governing body of the Associated Students of Cuyamaca College (ASCC).
Aspire to Lead
"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls" - Joseph Campbell ​
'Fun'draising and Volunteering ​​​
Help others as you help yourself. The ASCC strives to help its students and others in need. ​
G​et to know new people. Form unexpected friendships. Network with individuals of diverse backgrounds.
Engage with the community. Get to know your community intimately.